Re: WebKit and GNOME

> > Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>  > > 4) Accessibility. This is only implemented in the Mac port currently.
>  > > We are moving the core accessibility code to be cross-platform, which
>  > > should make it fairly straightforward to hook it up to ATK or other
>  > > accessibility APIs. Sometimes ARIA is mentioned in the context of
>  > > accessibility - this is an interesting technology for future web apps,
>  > > but I believe basic accessibility integration for web content is a
>  > > higher priority.

Hi Maciej, I know I'm risking a 'me too' post but I see 2 well
established trends:

1) New web apps are appearing at a ever accelerating rate. The web is
becoming a very popular platform for interactive applications.

2) ARIA makes these web app accessible and is being implemented by
many now. That was one of the very clear messages we took home from
CSUN last month.


In fact that entire FAQ is great reading.

Once you have the basic platform accessibility API integration
implemented then as David says ARIA will work through that to expose
the web app's DOM updates.

P.S You make web kit sound very compelling, and it's popularity is
telling. I'll keep an eye on the GTK+ port's progress ;-)

Steve Lee
Open Source Assistive Technology Software

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