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On 30 Mar 2008, at 09:14, Gabriel Burt wrote:
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Quote Calum:

"In summary, now that you're a core desktop application and there are
no other core applications with a similar function, your menu entry
should not include the word "Cheese". It should be something like
"Webcam Snapshot" (I'm sure we can do better than that, I haven't
really woken up yet!), and the tooltip something like "Take photos and
videos directly from an attached camera". You can use the name
"Cheese" in the application itself, and in the documentation if that's
what the current docs guidelines allow, but preferably no more than
necessary. "

I don't believe this is what the HIG says.

No, it's not, but the HIG doesn't quite reflect what we ended up doing, unfortunately.

It is what we've asked core desktop app maintainers to do via bug reports over the years though, but I know we've taken our eye off the ball a bit on that (and a lot of other usability things) recently too, so there are a bunch of inconsistencies there right now, as you pointed out.

Perhaps, while we're in this inconsistent state, this would be the best time to change things along the lines of what you and the other posters have suggested, though.


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