Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

Xavier Claessens wrote:
>> Mikael, Richard and I (not to forget the countless others supplying
>> patches) have spent a lot of time writing these widgets and the
>> supporting library (libgossip). All you have done is made a few
>> improvements and put them them on top of another backend.
> This time it's insulting to me! I didn't made "few improvements", I
> really worked hard and improved lots of things everywhere in the code. I
> didn't just implemented another backend,

I said your using them on top of another backend, not that you
implemented one. I didn't say you didn't work hard either.

> I refactored the whole code.
> Take for example that Empathy contains the half of code lines than
> Gossip, and no, it's not only because I'm using external libs like
> MissionControl, I removed all code duplication there is in Gossip.

Actually, yes it is.

For a start, the whole Jabber backend is a large portion of the code
base for Gossip. If you remove that, then sure you can say you have 1/2
the code base in Empathy.

Likewise, if you move all the account management out of
libgossip/libempathy and use MissionControl instead, then of course, you
are going to have less lines of code.


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