Re: Module proposal: gio and gvfs for gnome 2.22?

Le mardi 25 septembre 2007, à 12:41 -0700, Alex Graveley a écrit :
> The file selector and file manager seem like the most pathological
> users of an IO API.  Do we want to expose another largish API because
> of their requirements?  That was what led to gnome-vfs in the first
> place.
> ISVs typically don't use gnome-vfs because it doesn't work x-desktop,
> and I don't see that changing by pushing it lower in the stack.  Maybe
> removing the added dependency burden will make it more accessible, I
> dunno.
> Most apps that I use every day (firefox, thunderbird, OOo, emacs) are
> unlikely to switch to gio for anything other than opening files via
> the open dialog.  So it's not like pushing gnome-vfs lower is going to
> suddenly make URLs/paths work the same across the desktop.
> Are there any stats on gnome-vfs usage?  Who uses what?  Several of
> the things you mention (content types, icons, app info) are wrappers
> for xdg specs and tools. I could see that growing to include volume
> and file monitoring (one can hope).
> Would growing xdg APIs be more sustainable than exposing libgio as
> part of glib?  Or do you think the uphill battle with xdg is not worth
> it?

Any reason libgio would not be suitable as a cross-desktop library?

I mean, if the solution is to develop a new xdg library which, in the
end, does exactly what gio does, I don't see why gio shouldn't be first
considered as a good candidate for this library...


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