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On 9/24/07, Alex Jones <alex weej com> wrote:
>  Hi list
>  What do we want from the next version of GNOME Panel?

Firstly, I think there is a lot of cool panel like implementations
floating around GNOME these days. It might be a good time to merge
some together before everything drifts too far apart.

The following is a random list of things (and applets) that will
hopefully converge into what would be me dream gnome panel 2.0 (3.0?)

* Check out this screencast [0] of the state of the art with kiba-dock
[1] and avant-window-navigator [2]. Look at these for inspiration!
* Desrts compositing panel work [3] as a foundation
* WebKitGtk + Jackfield [5] as an alternative to plasmoids
* Support for mac style menubar, either transparently [6][7] or optionally [8]
* Play well with compiz widget support (like screenlets [9])
* Maybe even moonlight could be used here [10] (but no mono, please)
* Workspace previews [11]

A hypothetical perfect panel would be much similar to current, with
the inertial-things-have-mass bling of akamaru physics engine (from
kiba-dock), with the reflection and other gui touches from awn (or

There would be support for some of the cool touches in kiba-dock and
awn such as stacks, and the ability to change ones dock icon (like you
can in awn)

Apologies for a large list of links and no offer to help. I put these
out there with the hope to excite people and so that I dont forget
them should I happen to mysteriously discover I have abundant free



>  Do we want to evolve it or just replace the dependency on Bonobo for now?
>  I think that unifying the concept of applets and more heavyweight "widgets"
> might be beneficial, unless anyone can think of any good reason why not to.
> Any GDesklets developers here?
>  Cheers
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