cheese for 2.22, realistic?


im not shure at all, how to begin this mail.. and im even more unshure
if i should propose cheese for 2.22 ;) my biggest concern is the
development cycle, which is much faster than the gnome one atm (2 weeks
to a month vs. 6 months). anyway, here is my proposal for including
cheese in 2.22.

cheers, daniel

  * purpose: cheese is a photobooth-inspired GNOME application for
    taking pictures and videos from a webcam. it also includes fancy
    graphical effects based on the gstreamer-backend. further releases
    will include conduit support for exchanging pictures and videos and
    some opengl-love to speed things up
  * target: desktop
  * dependencies: 
      * glib-2.0 
      * gobject
      * gtk+ 
      * libglade
      * gdk 
      * dbus
      * gstreamer-0.10
      * gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 
      * gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10
      * gstreamer-pango-0.10
      * gnome-vfs
      * cairo
      * libgnomeui
      * xf86vidmodeproto
  * resource usage: 
      * svn:
      * bugzilla:
      * release hosting: ;(
      * homepage:
  * adoption: 
      * ubuntu (both feisty and gutsy)
      * PLD linux
      * arch linux
      * working on a maemo port
  * GNOME-ness: hey, it started as a GNOME-soc project ;)
  * miscellaneous: building with jhbuild is not possible atm.
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