Re: Module proposal: GtkGLExt for GNOME 2.22

Having recently used GtkGLExt, I thought I'd throw in my 2c worth.

GtkGLExt appears to work, but it seems to be very picky about when
things are realized and shown. I found the ordering for setting up the
space to change depending on whether or not I was using Glade and when I
wanted to do certain GL operations.

The documentation is sporadic and rather unclear. I think the
documentation needs to include a couple of very straightforward
top-to-bottom examples of how you use this widget (this would probably
be less of a problem if it wasn't for the weird initialisation

On the whole however, it did manage to get the job done. I think that
having a GL widget in GTK+ is not a terrible idea.


On Sat, 2007-09-22 at 14:22 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> Le samedi 22 septembre 2007, �3:57 +0200, Andreas R� a �it :
> > Hello!
> >
> > * Proposal: Include GtkGLExt in the GNOME developer platform.
> Oh, interesting.
> Note that it's possible that it will get rejected for the platform if it
> doesn't go in the desktop for at least one cycle, since we're quite
> strict about the platform. So maybe you should propose it for the
> desktop first?
> > However, GtkGLExt is currently unmaintained. I will volunteer to maintain 
> > it if accepted as a GNOME module, and hope to work with the GNOME community 
> > to make it fit in well as a GNOME module.
> Well, it won't be accepted if it's unmaintained. So you should do things
> the other way around: start maintaining it before it can get accepted.
> > There has also been a lot of discussion about this in bug #119189
> > "Add OpenGL support to GTK+".
> I gave a really quick look at the bug, and there doesn't seem to be any
> decision there. Are there any specific plans?
> Thanks,
> Vincent
Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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