Re: Argh.. Novell people imports external translations again

On 9/16/07, Clytie Siddall <clytie riverland net au> wrote:
> On 16/09/2007, at 10:37 AM, Jorge González González wrote:
> > El dom, 16-09-2007 a las 00:26 +0200, Vincent Untz escribió:
> >> I've reverted all the po files to revision 338 (ie, before this
> >> commit),
> >> except for gl, pt_BR and sv which were already reverted.
> >
> > At first I thought the Spanish translation was ok, now I know it is
> > not.
> > Besides, I don't know why he had to remove my name from the header?
> > And obviously overwrite some of our vocabulary with other deprecated.
> >
> >> I'm sure Jimmy didn't want to create a problem here, and probably
> >> didn't
> >> know that it shouldn't be done like this. Now he knows :-)
> >
> > Hi did, a big one :-p
> This is very similar to the Ubuntu situation, where our translations
> are overwritten in Rosetta on Launchpad. I don't remember if we
> achieved any resolution on that. Did we?

It is not really similar. In the Ubuntu situation, Ubuntu alters
*their* distribution by fetching translations from Launchpad instead
of using the upstream ones. As bad as that often is, it doesn't affect
our upstream sources, and really only Ubuntu is affected by this.

This is really different -- a Novell developer committing several
dozens of po files[1] without permission to SVN, in effect directly
altering upstream's sources without permission. Now that's a big



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