Re: Orca hard code freeze break request for pychecker errors

Le mercredi 12 septembre 2007 à 10:52 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
> Hi All:
> In prepping for a different problem we're investigating with the Firefox
> team, we've been running pychecker on the Orca sources.  
> We came across two serious problems.  The first is that one of our
> scripts (the one for nautilus) was importing a module that no longer
> exists.  The second is that the superclass of all our scripts is
> returning a non-existent value for one of its methods.  I'm not sure how
> we missed either of these.  :-(
> These are high-benefit low-risk fixes.  They are high-benefit because
> they will avoid abnormal behavior from Orca when these particular
> features are encountered (e.g., the nautilus one would be encountered
> each time Orca interacted with nautilus).  They are low risk because the
> changes are isolated to just the problems in question.
> Patch attached.  OK to commit?

Approval 1 of 2.

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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