Maintenance releases for 2.20

Hi all,

According to one of the super-cool release team scripts, those modules
have had zero or just a few releases during the 2.19.x cycle:

- alacarte
- ekiga
- bug-buddy
- fast-user-switch-applet
- gnome-applets
- gnome-backgrounds
- gnome-keyring-manager
- gnome-media
- gnome-netstatus
- gnome-terminal
- gconf-editor
- gnome-user-docs
- gnome-volume-manager
- gucharmap
- libsoup

- libxml2
- libxslt

- pessulus

If you're a maintainer of some of those modules, it would be really
nice to have a 2.20.0 release with the translation updates/additions.
If you know you won't be able to release until next monday (September
17), please, let the release team know so that they can make sure
everything is released accordingly for GNOME 2.20.

I'm not a member of release team, I'm just a cool guy pushing even
more work to them. :-P Of course I can help with those releases.



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