Re: Documents on the Online Desktop

> On 8/28/07, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
>> On 8/28/07, Steven Garrity <stevelist silverorange com> wrote:
>> > 2. Organization - rather than a fixed desktop metaphor with a set of
>> > folders (which I had been quite satisfied with until now), Google Docs
>> > organizes your documents more like email (or Gmail, I suppose) with the
>> > most recently edited/created docs at the top of the list.
>> Yes! Interestingly, this is similar to the "journal" idea that One
>> Laptop Per Child uses. It's so much better than screwing with folders.
>> (I noticed that I use my desktop background as a lame "journal," since
>> saved files accumulate in order.)

We are a couple of people who are working on something similar to this
for your documents, currently just for your own desktop.

I expect we'll have something out a couple of weeks from now. It's
still a bit rough.

Ole Laursen

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