Re: linuxMint's gnome-menu

> single menu quickly tends to get pretty big (see also the SLED menu or
> even the windows xp/vista menu).

this is the coolest thing about the mintMenu: it takes up a static
amount of space, both horizontally and vertically. if the submenu that
you mouseover is taller than the window for the menu then the submenu
becomes a scrolling window. This way the users eyes can stay within a
confined area to search for what one needs. I think it's easier to
search for things horizontally than it is to search vertically, but
maybe that's me and not a fact.

> I would really go with this design, I don't know why very few
> other alternative menus follow this concept.
Denis, which design are you referring to here?

Basically, you're right, it just comes down to preference. I just found
this mintMenu over the weekend and wanted to add it to the discussion.


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