Re: [gimmie] Re: Proposing Gimmie applet for 2.22 -- check out 0.2.8

On Oct 31, 2007 5:18 PM, Alex Graveley <alex beatniksoftware com> wrote:
> >    * There is an experimental standalone panel version of Gimmie.
> > This can be branched into a sub-project, or simply not installed by
> > default.  I am *not* proposing to expose this panel alternative as
> > part of GNOME.  There are many other interesting panel alternatives
> > which are seeing a lot of love.
> Left the standalone dock in for now, as no one weighed in either way
> on hiding/removing it.

My two cents on this: a panel that treats people and documents as true
top-level objects (like gimmie does) is an exciting and innovative
future that GNOME should be actively pursuing. It would be a shame if
this great experiment got dropped out of gimmie.

[If I were GNOME BDFL, the question I would ask would not be 'should
the gimmie applet be in GNOME', but rather 'how can GNOME replace the
panel with the gimmie dock (and/or o-d?), and drop applets altogether
in favor of widgets/gadgets/plasma-like technology.' And I'd be
begging njp to make gimmie dock (and/or o-d?) as shiny as awn, but
without the crack-y gnome-1.0-y prefs panel ;) ]

Luis (pulling on the flame-proof suit)

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