Re: build systems

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 09:19 +0100, Daniel Svensson wrote:
> Aren't the above examples of checks superflous? Files that everybody
> without a broken system have? Or is it used to support some special
> platform?
Check eg glib's glib needs checks for several functions
because it tries to use the system version, and if it doesn't exist
falls back to some custom implementation (first sample I found: g_stpcpy
in [1]).

> Why the const check? Is it to help supporting
> some other compiler? Is the code to be compiled portable to other
> compilers than gcc, lets say MSVC, and free from strange GNU macros?
> And maybe I'm talking out of my ass.
Again glib: based on configure checks, G_INLINE is set to "inline",
"__inline", "__inline__" or "", depending on what the compiler you're
running supports.

> > - I had to add all source files in one big string in the main
> > wscript_build file, unable to add them per-directory and in the end
> link
> > in la's from subdirectories. It is possible waf does support this, I
> > just did not find how to do this.
> Subdirectories can (and usually) have wscript files, and not
> wscript_build.
> In your build(bld) method you add a call to
> bld.add_subdirs(listofsubdirs) and for config you use
> [conf.sub_config(s) for s in subdirs] (should probably be fixed to
> look identical).
Yeah, I figured that out, but thing is I don't want to build a "program"
or "shlib" or whatever in those subdirs, I just want some .la file to be
created which I can add to the link line of my main shlib (as a matter
of speaking). I couldn't find out how to achieve that.



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