i18n of Turtle files for xesam project?

Hi Gnomers,

I also sent this mail to gnome-i18n a few days ago without any replies and the xesam project[1] badly needs feedback from enlightened people.

Here's the case. We need a way for describing our ontology and one of the runner up candidates is a subset of the Turtle syntax[2]. The files describing the ontology would then resemble:


@prefix DC:	<http://freedesktop.org/standards/DC#>
@prefix xesam: < http://freedesktop.org/standards/xesam#>
@prefix : < http://freedesktop.org/standards/xesam_base#>

a :field;
:of_type :string;
:has_parent DC:Creator;
:name "Composer"@EN;
:name "Komponist"@DA;
:description "Audio composer".

a :field;
:of_type :string;
:has_parent DC:Creator;
:name "Artist"@EN;
:name "Kunstner"@DA;
:description "Performer featuring in the recording"@EN;
:description "Kunster der optræder på optagelsen"@DA.

<more like this>

As you can guess the translations are marked with @ after the strings.

My question is : Will this cause problems or be a major hassle? How will it fit into the current translation workflow?


PS: Please don't question the reasons for using Turtle, we already went through weeks of flame wars over this :-) Just the opinions or comments from an i18n point of view. Besides the choice is not final yet.

[1]: http://wiki.freedesktop.org/wiki/XesamAbout
[2]: http://www.dajobe.org/2004/01/turtle/

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