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2007/5/19, Benoît Dejean <benoit placenet org>:
Le samedi 19 mai 2007 à 00:06 +0100, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
> On Fri, 2007-05-18 at 15:01 +0200, Benoît Dejean wrote:
> > Hello,

> It all depends what for. But most (newly written) apps should use
> PolicyKit as it allows just for that sort of thing.
Last change was 11 months ago. Never released.

Wrong link, freedesktop is moving towards git:;a=log

Last change 4 days ago.

Is there anyone really using it ?

Gnome system tools for example.

gksu is quite popular AFAICS on my Debian.

Benoît Dejean

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