Re: Should GNOME Get a Global Application Menubar?

On Fri, 2007-05-18 at 13:28 +0200, Thom Holwerda wrote:

> Note the emphasis on "option", and "turned off by default".

from my comment on the poll:

there is some fundamental error in the "it's off by default, who cares,
put it in" argument that I strongly need to point out. features, even
off by default (which are the worst ones) are a maintainership burden.
they introduce bugs, code changes and different code paths that affect
how the applications and libraries behave. this is even worse if the
feature must be turned on: it means it won't get proper and widespread
testing upon release and that changes in the code might silently break
it without the maintainers noticing. 

a "off-by-default" feature *never* comes for free; so don't ask for an
"off-by-default" feature: either ask for GNOME to have a desktop menu
bar or not. 


note the emphasis on the "maintainership burden".

by the way, if any of the osnews readers feels so inclined, a patch for
the quartz backend to allow gtk+ application to feel more like a native
OS X application would be gladly accepted - as far as I can read on the
mentioned bug.


Emmanuele Bassi,  E: ebassi gmail com

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