Should GNOME Get a Global Application Menubar?

Hi boys and girls,

Yesterday, I posted a poll on OSNews [1] about the possible inclusion of a patch (i.e. as presented in bug #353076 [2]) that provides GNOME with the option (via a panel applet) of using a global application menubar setup, similar to i.e. Mac OS, Amiga, or KDE. The poll question was:

"Should this patch (or any other patch providing similar functionality) be integrated into the default installation of GNOME, as an option, *turned off by default*?" (yes/no)

Note the emphasis on "option", and "turned off by default". The poll results show that 80% of the OSNews readers who voted (1154 votes cast as of writing) would like to see this included in GNOME. Obviously, the statistic validity of such a poll is limited, since the readers of OSNews do not qualify as a representative group of GNOME users. However, that does not negate the fact that this result does give a rough indication of how "wanted" such a patch actually is.

More interesting are the comments posted on this story (150 as of writing). A lot of arguments were posted both in favour and against the patch. These range from application of Fitts' Law and similar laws, compatibility problems with other toolkits, to less screen clutter, problems concerning multiple monitors, and optimal use of GNOME's dual-panel layout. The comments actually remained fairly civil, so contrary to many other GNOME/KDE related threads, your faith in mankind won't be affected this time.

I am not trying to push any of you either way. I'm just giving you the results of the poll, as well as comprehensive list of arguments in favour and against. Do with it as you please.

Thanks for the hard work you boys and girls put into GNOME, it is much appreciated,

Thom Holwerda
Managing editor at

[1] Application-Menubar

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