idea for a hardware information application in GNOME

Hello all,

My idea is a long story. To keep it short, recently I filed this feature
request - - in the
GNOME Bugzilla.

Currently "System -> Preferences -> Hardware Information" starts the HAL
Device Manager, which can give information on the hardware present in a
system. However, this application is far from useful and user friendly.
I explained my idea and use-cases in detail in the aforementioned bug
report, but basically I suggest giving the HAL Device Manager
application a total makeover and enhance it heavily.

Because the HAL Device Manager application isn't part of GNOME but of
HAL itself, I was asked to file again at freedesktop's Bugzilla. I did - - but there I was
told that the HAL Device Manager was already dropped from the HAL
package and no longer available, and that I should file a feature
request at my Desktop Environment of choice.

After consulting with the triager who processed my previous feature
request filed at GNOME's Bugzilla, I was advised to post a message to
this list. I hope anyone would be interested in developing such an

Alexander van Loon

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