Re: Remove libgnomeui where possible?

Richard Hughes wrote:
A bug [1] has been opened recently for gnome-power-manager which removes
the use of libgnomeui which reportedly makes the applications startup
quicker (as about 25 less libraries are loaded) and use a lot less
memory. I've not tested this myself, so this may be wildly inaccurate.

Now, while the rest of the patch is hardly invasive, replacing
gnome_program_init with gtk_init removes bug buddy support and maybe
other stuff I'm not aware of. I think gnome-power-manager needs bug
buddy integration, so this might be the killer of this patch.

So the real question is, do we really need to load the whole of the
giant libgnomeui just to integrate with bug buddy and open a yelp file?
Is using libgnomeui essentially cost-free if it's being used by other
open programs? Should libgnomeui be chopped into smaller pieces? Am I
asking too many questions? :-)

Thanks for any feedback,



I've updated the above patch to only contain the non-invasive part, and also filed
similar ones against screensaver and nm-applet:

with these applied the above apps only have gnome_program_init() from libgnome, and
according to Fernando Herrera bug-buddy will probably be available via GTK_MODULES in 2.20
so the only reason for not using gtk_init() will disappear.

comments are welcome

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