Re: New GNOME Dependency Proposal: libgcrypt


> Reached this point i think GNOME should make a decision on what crypto
> library is it going to use/bless:
> 	evolution is using libnss
> 	gnome-keyring will using libgcrypt/libgnutls
> 	gnome-vfs can use openssl or libgcrypt/libgnutls

Epiphany/Gecko uses NSS too.
What's GVFS going to use, same as gnome-vfs?

>         Under certain circumstances gnome can be using the three
>         libraries!
>         I think gnome should choose on of the libraries and stick to
>         it instead
>         of using the three of them.
> Summarizing, you are asking evo developers to port it to
> gcrypt/gnutls, isn't it? 

No, why? Epiphany and evo use NSS, keyring and vfs use gcrypt/gnutls, so
it's a draw :)

I think the chances that Gecko is going away from NSS are about zero.


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