Re: Beagle CPU usage (was Proposed module: tracker)

El mar, 27-03-2007 a las 00:54 +0100, Bastien Nocera escribi� > 
> > I implemented your code some time ago in Totem's unstable branch, and I
> > was wondering why movies weren't getting thumbnailed anymore. I couldn't
> > mmap files larger than 256 megs.
> FYI, I've modified Totem's code to take into account the input file size
> when thumbnailing a file, so the mmap won't fail, and I get 256 megs of
> real memory (hopefully) to process the file.
> Other thumbnailers that need to map large files might have different
> needs (eg. mmap'ing large fonts, or images). The thumbnailers have the
> knowledge to do that, not the libgnomeui code.

Woot, I didn't realize that mmap() would bite us.  Maybe RLIMIT_DATA
would serve us better.

What happens with mmap-based allocators like GSlice?  I wouldn't want a
runaway, glib-based thumbnailer to bypass RLIMIT_DATA.  Does anyone know
what the kernel does?

[/me wonders if thumbnailers are measurably faster by using mmap()
instead of read()...]

[Can you have thumbnailable files that are too large to mmap() even with
a full address space?  8 GB videos on a 32-bit box?]


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