Re: GDM branched for 2.18

On 3/21/07, Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron sun com> wrote:


>> Yesterday I branched GDM for 2.18, sorry for the late notice.  2.19
>> develoment now going on in HEAD.
>> Brian
> Got any plans for 2.19?

It might be nice to update the default GDM theme from circles to
something more cool.  I know most distros replace the default theme,
but might be nice for GDM itself to have a newer default theme.
Any suggestions for the 2.20 release?  For submission I would
require the theme have the full SystemMenu implemented (either with
an Options button which simply shows them all, or via separate buttons
for each SystemMenu option).

There were quite a few patches submitted to GDM that came too late to
make it into 2.18, so right now I'm working to get those upstream.

I know in Boston we talked about changing some of the XML to make it
easier to specify a background and foreground, to allow things like
gdm-until-desktop with a consistent background. For that matter,
exploring the gdm-until-desktop stuff Ryan worked on would be cool, as
I know Ryan is too busy to finish it.

The notes from the hallway bof in Boston were summarized here:


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