Re: GDM branched for 2.18


Yesterday I branched GDM for 2.18, sorry for the late notice.  2.19
develoment now going on in HEAD.


Got any plans for 2.19?

It might be nice to update the default GDM theme from circles to
something more cool.  I know most distros replace the default theme,
but might be nice for GDM itself to have a newer default theme.
Any suggestions for the 2.20 release?  For submission I would
require the theme have the full SystemMenu implemented (either with
an Options button which simply shows them all, or via separate buttons for each SystemMenu option).

There were quite a few patches submitted to GDM that came too late to
make it into 2.18, so right now I'm working to get those upstream.

- Lots of code cleanup, including getting rid of vicious-extensions.
- Making the GDM language selection allow restart in the selected
- revamp of the mechanism GDM uses to update configuration changes
  in the login GUI
- allowing people to specify additinal Xserver arguments in the session
  desktop file to allow you to make sessions for particular use cases
  that might require (for example) a special non-default Xserver
- Xephyr has also been integrated to replace Xnest, and works much
- I have also been working with a fellow who is planning to make
  the Face Browser work much more nicely, so that might also make
  it into 2.19.
- There has been some work to make a high-contrast gdmgreeter theme.
  Hopefully will work out those issues and get this upstream.

I think those are the main things I'm working on right now.  Also
working to reduce the overall number of GDM bugs.


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