Re: Discussion for a more robust panel layout

On 3/20/07, Manu Cornet <manu cornet gmail com> wrote:

Recently the problem of changes of resolutions has been raised [1] on
the usability list. I would like to start a discussion about how to
manage the effect of resolution changes on the panel layout better
than what we do today. This implies another way of storing the panel

I know Vincent Untz already thought a bit about this and there were a
few short talks on this matter, but I'd like to make a proposal and
try to start a discussion about this.

Here is the wiki page I set up for this:

Does this seem sane to you? How would you do otherwise? How would you
enchance the current proposal?

I'd just make sure that one of the use cases which the final design
covers is devices which rotate, like tablet PCs and iphone-like
devices. It seems likely that they will become more common, and while
I can't think of any situations offhand where they are substantially
different from merely changing resolution, it should be kept in mind.


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