Re: Desktop sounds in Gnome

On 19/03/07, Étienne Bersac <bersace03 laposte net> wrote:
So, will gnome 2.20 play nice sound when disk is burn, sound volume
increased, mail received/sent, new RSS item available, etc. ? Would the
system sounds be themable like icons are ?

It would be great to theme these like we can icons.
gnome-power-manager just needs to play a "battery low" chime, and
linking to gstreamer seems very heavyweight.

I think we need three things:

* A system sounds freedesktop standard (ala, tango)
* An easier way to plug in configuration to the existing sound capplet
* A sound server that works, i.e. works with the user theme, and we
can just play ("low-power");

How many of these things already exist and are usable in one form or another?


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