Re: Roadmapping 2.20 and so on

2007/3/12, Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>:
On Mon, 2007-03-12 at 21:12 +0100, Jaap Haitsma wrote:
> If I'm allowed to make a suggestion for a general roadmap item for
> 2.20 which spans multiple modules it would be "desktop wide search"
> Currently the GNOME 2.18 desktop contains two search front ends
> 1. gnome search tool
> 2. search in nautilus
> Then there are "two search engines" (actually there are more but these
> ones are the most popular in GNOME) which have there own front end.
> 1. tracker
> 2. beagle
> My suggestion would be to have only one front end and have a pluggable
> backend (a user can either use tracker or beagle)
no, please, don't start the beagle vs tracker debate again :-)

But yes, I agree with you. The authors of those search engines should
come up with a common solution for all (without bombing this list if
possible :-). Maybe a generic interface that can easily be replaced or
whatever, but we should have live search available for applications, and
use that in gnome-search-tool, nautilus and any other app that needs it.

This is infact already in the works. Both Tracker, Beagle, Strigi, Pinot, Recoll, and Nepomuk developers are participating in the Wasabi project. See I'm just about to wrap up RC1 of the desktop search spec (the roadmap has slipped a little). I will keep d-d-l posted.


PS: The Tracker vs Beagle debate is so 2.18'ish, now it is either "Tracker vs Beagle vs Strigi vs Pinot vs Recoll"- or the "Wasabi suxor"-debate that should feed the flames in 2.20 :-)
PPS: The above PS was meant as humor. Please please please, don't start it over.

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