Re: A New GNOME Order

I agree with this idea. There are a lot of powerfull application that
"share" the functionaity. We need more libraries to reuse. There are
three points (in the download example):

1.- Perhaps a downloader daemon that we can send it the URL and it
download the file and notify when the download finish.

2.- Share a library to call this daemon

3.- Share a download wodget to embed in another applications

Sharing a library and a widget is needed to make the desktop better and
easier to extend and develop, I think. 


El vie, 09-03-2007 a las 01:36 +0100, �ienne Bersac escribi� Hi,
> I also like this design. A Mail service, a RSS service, etc. makes sens.
> This allow to launch the service at startup, then a notification area
> icon can point new mail/rss and without launching the mail client. If
> user want to see Mail/RSS, then he launch the mail client.
> The same goes for IM (see Telepathy).
> I wonder if this is Gnome 3 or Gnome 2.
> �ienne.
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> Verso l'Alto !
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