GtkSourceView 2 and PyGtkSourceView module inclusion


	I sent a similar mail[1] to the release team and it was suggested that
I should bring it up to the wider audience of d-d-l, so here it goes...

We've been working on a new version of GtkSourceView (the syntax
highlighting widget used in gedit, MonoDevelop, Anjuta and other
programs) and it's now finally getting ready to be used.

The new version (which will be 2.0.0) will break api and abi
compatibility with the current 1.X versions, though api churn has been
kept to a minimum to ease porting. This was necessary because the
highlighting engine has been totally rewritten to be more powerful and
accurate. Among other things there is a new format of .lang files used
to describe the syntax of languages (though the old format is still
supported as well).

The library is parallel installable with gtksourceview 1.X so
applications can opt in to use the new library as they want.

That said we would really really really welcome feedback on the new
library from applications and language bindings developers that are
currently using the library. We are still open to API tweaks and fixes.

Speaking of bindings, the new library has already been bound to python:
the bindings are in a separate PyGtkSourceView[2] module while
gnome-python-desktop will continue to hold the python bindings for
version 1 on gtksourceview.

Few days ago I released a first version of gedit[3] using the new
gtksourceview, so the new library will be part of gnome 2.20, but as I
said in the mail to the release team, I also think it is a good idea to
continue shipping the old library too, since many program still use it.

This mail is also to ask for the inclusion of pygtksourceview in the
(bindings?) release: I know this is late, but as pointed out by Elijah
this is a bit of a grey area given that the bindings for gtsourceview 1
are already part of the release and the new module is just a side effect
of the technical decision to put the new bindings in a separate module.

Questions? Comments? Patches? :)



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