Re: Online Desktop/People apps (short-term)

On Thu, 2007-07-26 at 12:18 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Say that we want to allow dragging two people together to
> assert that your friend owtaylor on Myspace is the same as
> otaylor redhat com  How do you represent that via VCard? Do you create a
> VCard with a standard email attribute, and an "extended" Myspace
> attribute, and insert it in the user's address book? What does that look
> like if the user actually goes to their address book in evolution?

You add X-MYSPACE:whateveramyspaceidlooklikeihavenoideaicantstandit

Evolution won't show it, because it has no idea what to do with
X-MYSPACE.  Applications which do understand what to do with X-MYSPACE
can do whatever they want.

> (Was that the idea of Galago? I'm not sure what has replaced it these
> days. Somebody really needs to do a glossary of the Telepathy
> ecosystem.)

Galago still exists, certainly the N800 uses it.  Although only a
subset, we do the accounts->people munging inside the addressbook
library itself[1] and use Galago basically as a simpler way of getting
presence from Telepathy in applications.  Yes, this means that Galago is
mammoth overkill, and there are vague plans of removing it.

[1] Well, it just happens.  Each account on the IM rosters is created as
a new contact in the addressbook, and then the user can merge multiple
contacts into one if they are the same person.
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