Gnome Online [Re: Online Desktop integration ideas]

On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Pedro Silva wrote:

> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:22:32 +0100 (WEST)
> From: Pedro Silva <pedros avelas-lab com>
> To: desktop-devel-list gnome org
> Subject: Re: Online Desktop integration ideas
> Hi!
> Perhaps I misunderstood some goals of GOD but I still think it's a great
> idea.

Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive and I mention it now before it becomes
any more entrenched but I'm not fan of acronyms to begin with and I find
this particular choice of acronym - GOD - to be a little disconcerting.

Although some jokey acronyms may seem amusing at first the novelty value
tends to wear off.  I would ask that people reconsider, the words "Gnome
Online" are not too hard to type, and quite a succint phrase that if
searched for one might stand a decent chance of being able to find
something relevant.


Alan Horkan

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