Re: Proposed module: seahorse

Steve Fr�naux wrote:
> +1 from me, too.
> Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
>>   This is cool; it almost replaces gnome-keyring-manager... could it
>> replace it completely one day, I wonder?...
> Could it end up replacing gnome-keyring-daemon as well (with 
> seahorse-agent) ?

If anything, I would suggest moving in the opposite direction as
encryption libraries become more pluggable and 'integratable'.

For example X.509 needs a shared key store. gnome-keyring-daemon (with
perhaps a few security enhancements such as locking memory) would make
an excellent store for X.509 encryption keys.

Or now with GPG2 we may eventually be able to use the officially blessed
gpg-agent and just integrate it into GNOME.

Anyway all that to say, perhaps one day seahorse-agent will go away with
its last bits moved into gnome-keyring-daemon.

Nate Nielsen

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