Re: RTL support in Gnome

[Removing some of the cc's; it just looked like too many]

On 1/16/07, Yair Hershkovitz <yairhr gmail com> wrote:
I've been working lately on some bugs with RTL (right to left languages)
support in Gnome.

I have few suggestions to help improve RTL support in Gnome:

  1) I want to start a mailing list for RTL support discussions (
gnome-rtl gnome org ???)

sysadmins can handle this...see

  2) I think we should add an "rtl" keyword to bugzilla, for tracking RTL

Would the status whiteboard be sufficient here?  I typed up some
guidelines about this elsehwere.  I'll copy them here:

'We have too many keywords and should be removing them instead of
adding them in most all cases. Basic criteria for adding new keywords
that you should consider when trying to get approval of the other

   * It should not be specific to any module or small set of modules
   * It must be used widely (i.e. by many different people and not
just some small niche) for querying. (Using extra keywords to
categorize bugs, merely in order that they can be categorized more,
isn't useful unless multiple people actively use those categories in
   * It must be used for a long time, not just for some short term
purpose (e.g. something like "Gnome212blocker" wouldn't fly)

Note that everyone is free to use the status whiteboard as an
alternative to keywords. It is helpful, when using the status
whiteboard, if you namespace anything you add; for example,
"evolution[IMAP]" instead of "IMAP" and "andrew[bigbadbug]" instead of


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