Re: RTL support in Gnome

Sure, anything that could help rtl languages is ok in my book :) 
experience is already scarce here so putting people together is a good

في ث، 16-01-2007 عند 11:39 +0200 ، كتب Yair Hershkovitz:
> I've been working lately on some bugs with RTL (right to left
languages) support in Gnome.
> I have few suggestions to help improve RTL support in Gnome:
>   1) I want to start a mailing list for RTL support discussions
( gnome-rtl gnome org ???)
This may be a good idea to attract more developers to the cause.
However, if unsuccessful, we could still carry out discussions here on

  2) I think we should add an "rtl" keyword to bugzilla, for tracking
RTL issues.

That would be awesome. I'm not a bugzilla guru but I just read about
this and I think it would solve the problem of me having to hunt around
for RTL bugs, compile them, assist and lobby for change.

I think steps like these are necessary to raise awareness too because
most Arabic problems stem from developers who are not wary of RTL issues
when desigining GUI's.
I'm not blaming, usage statistics, exposure and all that =)


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