Re: Proposed module: nm-applet

(cc'ing Dan and Robert since I'm not sure they're on d-d-l)

Le lundi 08 janvier 2007, à 19:31, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> You can learn about nm-applet here:

I love NetworkManager and nm-applet. So +1 from me. I still have some
questions, though :-)

I know I keep coming back to the sames issue: if we don't have separate
tarballs for NetworkManager and nm-applet, I want to make sure that
there'll be stable releases of NetworkManager/nm-applet without any
string changes, feature changes, etc.

(I must admit I'd very much prefer that we go with separate tarballs,
but it's certainly possible to go with the "one tarball" way).

Also, did we get some kind of integration between network-admin and
nm-applet? So that there's a way for network-admin to tell that this
interface should be handled by NM, for example. Or do we simply kill

Last question on my side: can we expect nm-applet to not use the
notification area once we have a good applet API?



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