Re: accessibility enhancement need attention

ons, 10.01.2007 kl. 13.06 -0600, skrev George Kraft IV:
> The accessibility enhancement for Preferred Applications as discussed at
> the GNOME Summit in Boston is code complete, but it is only half way
> checked in.  The rest of the bugs listed in the below referenced wiki
> need to be committed, or the two commits already done need to be backed
> out.  I need advice on how to proceed.
I have a question about how enabling/disabling a11y will work after
these patches have gone in. As I understand it the keys for that along
with the "old" preference dialog are scheduled for retirement?

Will the patched gnome-session just do the right thing wrt atk-bridge
and at-spi-registryd from now on based on whether you have enabled any

What about moving "Enable assistive technologies" to the gdmgreeter?
Then people wouldn't have to log out and back in to get it up and
running (if it is still needed that is).

Kjartan (who commited the schemas to support this ;-)

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