Re: Proposed module: gnome-main-menu

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 15:31 +0000, Calum Benson wrote

> First off, since we know it exists, I'm sure we'd *really* like to see
> that usability data; it's hard to make any informed comment without
> knowing the facts :)

Hello Calum. 

We've recently added a large number of videos of various main menu
usability tests to the Betterdesktop site. You can find them here: 

All of the most recent tasks there (at least the ten tasks - with their
8 or so iterations per task) are on systems using the Main Menu.. If I
were you, I'd check out at least those titled: 

Task: Find out if your computer is online
Task: Email photos to Alison
Task: Determine what was the last image you edited
Task: Find a folder of your photos
Task: Find a PDF document on your computer
Task: Find a document on your computer
Task: Find images on your computer
Task: Find a contact's information
Task: Determine the current time in Tokyo
Task: Move the clock desklet

(Granted some of these get into desklets a bit. but I did just want to
point out that there are lots of videos you can watch of people using
the Main Menu for a variety of things.) 

We're almost done generating reports for those tasks, which I am sure
Brette will send out and post on the website shortly. 

If only we could have an entry in Planet Gnome...I imagine that would
help to publicize events like adding new videos. 

Anyway, let me know if you require additional information. 


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