Re: Proposed module: anjuta

On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 12:10 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> > I don't really think Anjuta is ready to be included in our new
> > (proposed) developer suite (yet!). The last release was in May 2006 and
> > although lots of work has been done on the CVS (now SVN) version I
> > really think the developers need to get into the habit of making more
> > frequent releases.
> >
> I agree however would it be somewhat pointless to have a developer
> tools suite without an IDE?

Acknowledged. But then again if its not quite polished maybe we should
wait rather than produce a bad image of Anjuta and GNOME in general.

> For me Anjuta2.x is considerably better than Anjuta1.x (feature for
> feature) but is plagued with instability problems (at least the
> version in edgy is).

Yeh. So much so that I reverted the version in Debian to the 1.2.4
release. I'm not sure why the Ubuntu package tracking magic didn't do
the same

> Perhaps adding Anjuta to a GNOME endorsed suite would help in getting
> Anjuta2.x to make more regular releases.

Hhhm. I thought this too. But as above i'm worried we might leave a bad
taste in people who give it a go.


Rob Bradford <rob robster org uk>

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