Re: [SPAM] Re: Proposed module: seahorse

On 1/9/07, Steve Frécinaux <nudrema gmail com> wrote:
>   This is cool; it almost replaces gnome-keyring-manager... could it
> replace it completely one day, I wonder?...

Could it end up replacing gnome-keyring-daemon as well (with
seahorse-agent) ?

I'm not sure if this would be desired behavior.  It seems like g-k-d
is responsible for reading the key ring databases and responding to
requests for information about passwords or other data stored in a
given keyring.  Currently, seahorse doesn't actually store any of the
keys or passwords, but carries around an internal represenation of
them and makes calls to the underlying libraries or programs to manage

In a sense replacing gnome-keyring-daemon would mean merging the
entire gnome-keyring module into seahorse.  This would effectively
shutout the gnome-keyring-manager developers.  Although this may not
be a problem if seahorse replaces g-k-m entirely (Which it does not do
at the moment).  Merging would also necessitate changing a lot of
programs that use gnome-keyring.  I think that for the time being
seahorse remain a key/secret manager and not a key/secret storer.


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