Re: eject buttons on the places menu

> an "undiscoverable" feature is like having no feature at all: only the
> people knowing that there's such a feature will be able to use it, and
> we'd have a whole slew of people bitching and moaning like we did when
> we had the location dialog opened by Ctrl+L in the FileChooser.  sure,
> the feature was there - but nobody was able to find it unless told.
> personally, I'd take no feature against an undiscoverable one.

I agree up to a point... however, such a feature would make unmounting
easier even for people unaware of the context menu (which could be added
to the help anyway).

Besides, are context menus all that undiscoverable? Windows has them
too, so most newbees should be used to them by now, I guess. I lack any
real data, I have to admit.

As for ctrl+l, do you think it should be removed or was it worth the
complaints in the end?

> it would be an accessibility issue, and I'm positive that the a11y
> people would *not* let this be implemented - and with good reasons.

I understand that. Can you think of any satisfactory solution to
implement the eject buttons?

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