Re: First Post To A GNOME Developer Noobie

Le mercredi 03 janvier 2007 �1:39 -0800, Redefined Horizons a �it :
> I have just subscribed to the list, and I wanted to make an
> introduction. If this isn't the correct maling list at GNOME, I
> apologize, and would welcome direction to the correct list.
> I have been using GNOME and Linux for the past year. I volunteer as a
> Java developer for an open source project. I'd like to start learning
> about GNOME and GNOME development so I can give a little back to my
> favorite Linux desktop. I'm especially interested in helping with
> Nautilus.
> Before I try to contribute any code to GNOME I thought it would be
> wise to work through a simple GNOME application. I hope to write a
> calculator program for the GNOME desktop that works with angles and
> coordinates. This type of program will be handy for surveyors and
> mapping professionals. After I get the kinks in this trial run worked
> out, I'll try helping with Nautilus or other parts of the GNOME
> Desktop.
> I've been programming for several years. I have very limited
> experience with C programming, but I've got a couple of good books on
> the language and a willingness to learn. I've also got several books
> that have been published on GTK and GNOME. However, I'm sure I'll have
> lots of questions.
> My first question is this:
> If I am writing code for the "back-end" of my GNOME Application,
> should I use GLIB types and try to extend GObject whenever possible,
> or is this only required for the GUI code?

It's just required for the GUI code if you create custom widgets.

> For example, I'll be creating an "object" to represent angles. Should
> I do this with a regular C struct, or should I subclass GObject?

Both things are possible. If using GObject helps you, especially with
memory management (ref/unref), use it, but it is not mandatory.

> My second question is this:
> Where can I find user interface design guidelines for GNOME?

You ca consult the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) at:

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