Re: New Control Centre

On 2/5/07, Alex Jones <alex weej com> wrote:
It's slow.

Now when I want to quickly get to my sound settings I have to click
System, Control Centre... *wait 3 seconds*, figure out where "Sound"
should be and then click that. And then I have an extra window to close
when I'm done, which really does annoy me.

IMO this was just a proper bad idea. If we had a proper control centre
app like Mac OS's then it would be a different story, but this thing is
just a glorified application launcher that introduces an unnecessary
layer of separation.

Down with control centre.

I want my menus back. Changing settings just isn't the quick
in-and-out-in-5-seconds-flat job it used to be.
Alex Jones

Days ago it was discussed on IRC that this interface changes produce
re-learning needs for people. I think the idea made it to the mailing
list too.

My opinion is that if control-center wants to get a new cool shell
it's ok , but the menus should be still there for consistency with
older versions (being such a big change on the UI).

Give me back my menus :'(.


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