Re: Missing apps for GNOME


Welcome to gnome developer community. Thanks for willing to
contribute :)

Here is one project for you : i call it yet "libgnocr" but you'll be
free to choose the name. This is a library providing a consistent API
for OCR within Gnome. The idea is that, combined with Gnome Scan, this
library allow us to write AbiScan plugin (OCR + Scan in Abiword),
business-card-import-from-scanner-plugin in Evolution, etc. You can use
either Vala or directly C/GObject. You'll need to be able to use either
OCRopus or whatever OCR engine the user want to. You might have to write
helper widgets. As developer of Gnome Scan, i'll be able to provide you
some mentoring.

That's just one project needing developers. See also . This was for Google SoC, but
that's still a source of idea. See also Gnome Love : . Applying for Google SoC or Google
Highly Open Participation Contest is a good way to get in touch too.

Merry Christmas and happy new year :)

E Ultreïa !

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