Proposed module: anjuta

Proposal on d-d-l:

Short description:
Anjuta is an integrated development environment for GNOME. It's purpose
is to make developing applications for Gtk+/GNOME easier. It integrates
other GNOME technologies such as devhelp, glade and gtksourceview.

Summary so far:
 + nothing :-)
 + FWIW, anjuta was proposed for 2.18, but there were no 2.x release at
   this point and the 1.2.x versions were unmaintained.
 + Comments from the thread on the old proposal:
   - anjuta 2.x is way better than the old 1.2.x one
   - there used to be no real release cycle for anjuta. It's my
     understanding that things are better in this area, but I didn't


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