Re: Removing gnome-keyring-manager from desktop distribution

Will the gnome-keyrings library be removed from GNOME? Can Seahorse
manage the keys and secrets that gnome-keyrings operates?


On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 23:20 +0000, Stef Walter wrote:
> Seahorse now has surpassed the functionality of gnome-keyring-manager,
> as far as managing one or more keyrings and the passwords contained in
> them. It does things in a more simple manner, and hopefully more
> understandable. Screenshots attached. [1]
> As was discussed before on this list, I'd suggest we remove
> gnome-keyring-manager from the 'desktop' distribution for 2.22. The tool
> may have uses elsewhere, but I'm not sure we need to duplicate this
> functionality in GNOME.
> Cheers,
> Stef Walter
> [1] Please feel free to file bugs if you see usability or other issues.
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