quick question regarding bonobo-activation-server-ior file

My apologies if this is the wrong list.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me what executable
and/or library is responsible for handling the corba
object reference file
/tmp/orbit-$USER/bonobo-activation-server-ior that
gets created when a user starts a gnome desktop
session? I'm assuming that this would be a
higher-level executable calling bonobo and/or orbit
library functions. I'm looking for the program
responsible for handling this file during the login
process, where it creates the file if it doesn't
exist, and where it decides to read in the file if it
does (to retrieve the object reference). BTW - what is
the relationship between this object reference and the
X virtual terminal number/assignment, and whence is
this relationship/association established and stored?
Is it stored in the bonobo-activation-server-ior file
itself, or is it handled by ORBit and/or bonobo?

OK, so maybe these weren't such "quick questions"
after all... But it'd be a real time-saver and a big
help if someone would answer these. If you answer on
this list, or prefer that i redirect my question
elsewhere, please also cc: my personal email account,
so i get the message right away.

- gabriel

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