Re: cleaning up keyrings

Alan Cox wrote:
>> I just started thinking about this today, so let me know what's missing.
> One of the things you can use the TPM for in a treacherous computing
> system is simply as a poor quality smart card. And for that matter
> working with a proper smart card is similar. Being able to share my
> keyring simply by
> 	- USB
> 	- Bluetooth
> 	- Internet
> 	- Smart Card
> 	- TPM (where there is a common root key)
> including merging entries from multiple sources. PAM already lets me
> direct sensitive system authentication questions to a seperate trusted
> display (my phone) which I can't currently do for the other apps.

You can do this via USB today with gnome-keyring. There's currently not
much UI for it (I'd like to implement the UI properly), but it should work:

If properly thought out, it seems Internet storage of a keyring could
work in a similar way. More on this later...

Stef Walter

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