Re: [Testers wanted] No tearing for libgnomecanvas

Tested with GChemPaint. Apparently no regression. It even seems to
repaint better. I encountered sqome repaint issues without the patch and
they seem to be gone with it :-)


Le mercredi 22 ao�07 �6:14 -0500, Federico Mena Quintero a �it :
> Hi,
> Libgnomecanvas has this horrible thing where there is a lot of visible
> tearing when large areas are repainted.  You can see this when the GDM
> greeter paints its background, and when Evolution scrolls its message
> list quickly.
> The attached patch removes this tearing, and makes repainting smooth.
> It works fine for me in GDM and Evolution; they look much nicer with the
> patch!
> I'm pretty confident that the patch works fine in non-antialiased mode.
> I'm not that confident about AA mode, however.  In the past I saw
> libgnomecanvas/demos/canvas_demo repaint incorrectly in AA mode with
> this patch, but now it seems to be working correctly... (I tested it
> with 2.12 back then and it was buggy; now with 2.19 it seems to be
> okay).
> Does anyone know of any apps that are crazy enough to use the
> antialiased gnome-canvas?  If so, could you please test them with this
> patch to see if there are any regressions?
> Thanks,
>   Federico
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