[Testers wanted] No tearing for libgnomecanvas


Libgnomecanvas has this horrible thing where there is a lot of visible
tearing when large areas are repainted.  You can see this when the GDM
greeter paints its background, and when Evolution scrolls its message
list quickly.

The attached patch removes this tearing, and makes repainting smooth.
It works fine for me in GDM and Evolution; they look much nicer with the

I'm pretty confident that the patch works fine in non-antialiased mode.

I'm not that confident about AA mode, however.  In the past I saw
libgnomecanvas/demos/canvas_demo repaint incorrectly in AA mode with
this patch, but now it seems to be working correctly... (I tested it
with 2.12 back then and it was buggy; now with 2.19 it seems to be

Does anyone know of any apps that are crazy enough to use the
antialiased gnome-canvas?  If so, could you please test them with this
patch to see if there are any regressions?



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