Re: GUI applications should use the asynchronous version of the gnome-keyring calls

Hi Stef,

在 2007-08-20一的 14:06 +0000,Stef Walter写道:
> Li Yuan wrote:
> > There are some applications using sync version of gnome-keyring
> > calls, this may cause the desktop hang.
> It's certainly a good idea for GUI applications to not block while
> gnome-keyring prompts the user for a password.
> But I'm not sure I understand why the entire desktop would hang, rather
> than just that application. If an application doesn't tend to its
> mainloop does this cause problems for the A11Y components in other
> applications running on the desktop? I imagine this isn't the case. It
> would be sort of 'token-ring-esque'...
Actually there is a registry daemon(registryd) running behind. registryd
made a CORBA call to the application which runs gnome-keyring(because it
noticed that the application's window becomes deactive), but never
returns. So registryd cannot handle calls from the A11Y components in
other applications. And the desktop hangs.


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